Inspired by aviation logic, Ocean VID fully standardises the emergency procedures and streamlines the safety configurations, for example, by using systematic redundancy on he essential components.


Two computers, two regulators, two manometers and two parachutes on our instructors

Combinaisons colorés

Two oxygen cylinders under maintenance contract and serviced annually

Scooters sous-marins autonomie 1h

Two diver down (Alpha) flags on telescopic masts to ensure greater visibility of our activity

Bouteilles CARBON 300

Two VHF Radios

Caméra sport

Our students have insurance cover with DAN


Complete first-aid kit

Gilets chauffants sur demande

Two automatic defibrillators equipped with self-test systems

Fitness Monopalme

Diver recall signal to call back divers in case of emergency

Bolsters pour s’équiper

Surface surveillance staff systematically trained in first aid